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Mask Sores

The above youtube video is a perfect example of why we offer the FREE CPAP CLINIC to all our patients. There are so many options on CPAP masks that you can choose from! If one is not working for you, try another option. Mask sores are an indication that you need some adjustment and we are here to help you for FREE.

Pressure sores develop when constant pressure on an area of skin reduces blood supply to the skin and nearby tissue. Pressure sores can range from mild reddening of the skin (early stage) to severe tissue damage that extends through the skin and soft tissue, and into the bone (late stage).

If you are not happy with your mask or it is hurting you, please contact our office and setup a FREE CPAP CLINIC appointment. Our sleep technician will meet with you one on one and give you some more mask options. You can also have the opportunity to take the mask home and use it on a trial period.

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