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Restless Legs (RLS)

Restless Legs Syndrome is a movement disorder that involves an intense urge to move your legs at bedtime. These sensations are hard to describe but many say they feel like “creepy” or “crawly”. It is much different from a leg muscle cramp. When you are sitting still‚ the sensation is usually at its worst. You can achieve temporary relief by moving or stretching the legs‚ but the feeling will return. This will prevent you from falling asleep and staying asleep. Therefore‚ people that suffer from RLS have poor quality sleep‚ which results in them being very tired and sleepy during the day. The exact causes of RLS are unknown and researchers are currently working on this. There are certain conditions that do seem to increase the chances of developing RLS and its severity; Low blood iron levels‚ Poor Blood circulation in the legs‚ Nerve problems in the spine or legs‚ Muscle disorders‚ Kidney disorders‚ Alcoholism‚ Certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

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