Understanding what happens during a sleep study and being prepared will make your night more enjoyable and successful. If you are scheduled for a sleep study please read the Services page of the About Us to get more information about what will happen during your test.

 The most important things to bring:

Preparing for a sleep study is similar to staying at a hotel for one night. Our center features TV, showers, and restrooms. The most important things to bring are your medications, pajamas, toiletries, and sleep questionnaire. Below we have a sample checklist of things that you can bring to the lab for your test.

  • Pajamas
  • Medications
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, comb, lotions, etc..)
  • Clothes for the next day
  • Shower Sandals
  • Laptop (WiFi Provided)
  • Food (Refrigerator Provided)
  • Favorite Pillow or Blanket
  • Work for School or Job
  • Slippers
  • Books or Magazines
  • Games or Cards
  • Music Player with Headphones
  • Night Light