Split Night Sleep Study

This study is a combination of a Diagnostic and Titration Sleep study. The study starts off as a diagnostic and if the technician observes that you have severe sleep apnea and it is well documented in the beginning of the night; they have the option to wake you up and begin the treatment process. In these severe cases‚ there is no point in waiting for the diagnosis to be returned for us to begin treatment. This is because a person that goes to bed with severe untreated sleep apnea is putting their body‚ mind and
health in grave danger. Using a standing Sleep Physician’s order‚ we administer treatment immediately.

The only draw back with this procedure is that due to the short length that the treatment is administered‚ it is sometimes difficult to find the optimum pressure. In this case‚ it might be recommended that you come back for a follow–up Titration study.