Study Results

I’ve had a Sleep Study, Now What?

Congratulations! You have completed your sleep study and are on the path to improved sleep, but what happens now?

Diagnostic Sleep Study (First Sleep Study)

  1. Your sleep study is analyzed and our sleep physician adds an interpretation and recommendation. This process takes about a week.

  2. Your sleep study results report is forwarded to your ordering physician.

  3. You may have to make an office visit with your ordering physician to review your sleep study results. You can also call the sleep center and we can go over your results with you.

  4. Most likely, your physician will order you a second sleep study. This is where treatment will be applied like using a breathing mask.

  5. Your physician will either fax the order to our office or give you a paper order that you can bring to us.

  6. If you have the order in hand, please call our office at 505-891-3344 to schedule your second sleep study.

  7. If your order was faxed over from your physician’s office, we will call you to schedule your appointment.

Titration Sleep Study (Second Sleep Study using Positive Airway Pressure, call PAP)

  1. After 1 week, make an appointment to see your ordering physician to discuss your Titration Sleep Study results and your treatment options like using a breathing device.

  2. Your physician will write a prescription for your specific mask, machine and pressure.

  3. You then take that prescription to a medical equipment supply (DME) company that dispenses these kinds of devices.

  4. They will set you up with your equipment either at their office or in your home and you will begin using it at night when you sleep.

  5. Double check the following items to make sure they match your prescription

  • Mask Type and Size

  • PAP Machine Type

  • Pressure Setting

  1. If you have trouble with your mask, machine, or pressure, please give us a call at the sleep center,
    505-891-3344. We have a
    FREE C-PAP Clinic that you can attend and visit with one of our sleep techs to discuss any issues you may be having. Don’t give up on the treatment. We can help.