Titration Sleep Study

•If the results of the Diagnostic Sleep Study show that you have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or RLS‚ your physician will order a Titration Sleep Study. During the Titration Sleep Study‚ treatment such as a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machine will be used to help keep the airway open and make sure your body is getting the proper amount of oxygen. It does this by sending pressurized room air into a device that fits over your nose and/or mouth. This device is called a CPAP mask.

•There are dozens of different masks and this second study is needed to let you try out as many masks as possible until you find the right one that works for you. Mask fit is key to a successful titration and to your comfort.

•The technician will then put you to bed with the CPAP therapy applied to the mask you have selected. During the night‚ if the sleep tech notices any arousals or disturbances in your sleep‚ they will adjust the pressure accordingly until they find the optimal pressure. This optimal pressure will be added to your prescription along with the choice of mask you made. When you doctor discusses your results of the Titration Sleep Study with you‚ it is important that you know and understand what pressure and mask you will be prescribed. As with all prescriptions‚ you do not want to be receiving the wrong thing or the improper dosage. The same goes for the prescription of a CPAP pressure and mask.

•If after you receive your machine and mask and are having trouble with the treatment‚ please contact us. Don’t just give up on the therapy. You can change masks or come see our sleep specialist so they can help you. Check out our CPAP Clinic and Nap Study if you are having trouble with your treatment.