Free CPAP Clinic

Quality Sleep Solutions is the premier sleep apnea treatment center network in New Mexico. The reason is because we offer unique programs like the Free CPAP Clinic. For those that get an overnight sleep study and are diagnosed with sleep apnea, the treatment of using a CPAP device at night can sometimes be challenging. QSS understands that difficulty and has developed an absolutely Free CPAP Clinic to support those patients.

CPAP masks and machines can sometimes be overwhelming.

At the Free CPAP Clinic we make it easy for the patient to find the right mask and machine that works best for their specific need. Often, patients are allowed to take home new mask technology to try at night for free. This way they can determine which mask is going to make their treatment successful.

The Free CPAP Clinic is also for those that are seeing outstanding results from their device. They can bring in their machine and receive a Free analysis of the stored data recorded by their CPAP. Valuable information is shared with the patient to make sure their CPAP is working properly and their breathing events are adequately treated.
There are 100+ CPAP Masks on the market.

“Many patients that have failed CPAP years ago are finding better answers by coming back to our facilities to start over and receive our unique approach and support. Reducing their blood pressure, helping with daytime sleepiness, and weight loss are just a few things reported by our patients that have given CPAP a second chance.” says Andrew Melendrez, CEO of Quality Sleep Solutions.